Five things you didn’t know about the Civil War

Harper's Weekly "The Louisiana Outrages," 1974.

It would take you longer than the Civil War lasted to read even a fraction of the 60,000-plus books written on it. Nevertheless, the average American’s understanding of the war remains unimpressive. To celebrate our pending blog-aversary, here’s five facts that surprised us as we read up: 1. It was way longer than you think. … Continue reading Five things you didn’t know about the Civil War

Fun fact No. 6

Italian statesman, military genius and world-trotting General Giuseppe Garibaldi was offered a generalship in the Union Army, but the US declined to meet his conditions for employment. He had two demands, as outlined by an American diplomat in contact with him: He [Garibaldi] said that the only way in which he could render service, as … Continue reading Fun fact No. 6