When Confederates Wrote Tax Law

With the passage of a monumental package of tax changes on the horizon, the Republican Party has arguably taken another step in its Confederate transformation. Republicans like Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, and probably even more Democrats, may be befuddled at how the GOP party went from excoriating President Obama for his 2009 stimulus package … Continue reading When Confederates Wrote Tax Law

When compromise ends, war begins

As unimportant as it may seem to left-side political commentators now, the Civil War was in fact brought on by an inability to compromise. It’s worth remembering that although slavery was widespread throughout the Western Hemisphere, only in the United States did it come to an end through war—the bloodiest conflict in American history. Why? … Continue reading When compromise ends, war begins

What Catalonia and the Confederacy have in Common

The near-revolution in Catalonia, where violence broke out as Spanish authorities attempted to intervene in the region's independence vote, and the regional legislature has now voted for secession and drawn a rebuke from the federal government, has something to tell us about Confederacy. That is, it speaks to a version of nationalism the South once … Continue reading What Catalonia and the Confederacy have in Common